Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello people!

  I'm gonna start a new blog here and I haven't thought of any nice name that I could put. The content for this blog will be mostly on how to save money and spend smart. As far as I am concern, our generation sees everything as crucial, smart phones, handbags, high heels, watches (the list goes on), why do we clutter all those things around us if we only use one of each category? I personally don't buy a pair of new shoes until the old one cannot possibly be worn anymore. Occasionally I still buy some unwanted items, which is why this blog comes into function, to warn the audience and the writer herself not to splurge!

  I triumphantly announce that I only spend around RM 30 nett on my phone bill per month (I am still using prepaid), people may see me as a weirdo, but hello, I know most of my peers don't spend that little on their phone bills. One of my colleagues even gave me an advice to sign up a phone plane with 3G service, so I can be in touch all the time. Of course this need not apply to those who needs to access to internet 24/7 (such as salesperson), go ahead if you are enjoying that service. After all, most cafeteria provides free wi-fi services. (I do all the facebook check-ins via all these services) . Think twice before signing up that package! Save more! Stick with me if you wanna know what else you can save on.

With love,


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Account executive

Funny how people name their job positions when what they do is actually nothing related to that. I'm an account executive but I was first informed to be a media sales executive. Either way, I'm happy with my job, blessed with friendly colleagues and nice office environment, I can really see our company growing. The best thing of the job is of course the commision! Well, I haven't done any sales yet, but I'm happy to see how fast I improved. Other than earning good money (if you work hard), we can always met with the Sales/Marketing manager or even the CEO themselves, I'd say this prepare me for my future, if i'm going to start my own business, networking will have to start now!
I'm working in a company called Business Media International, we are publish three magazines altogether, our bestseller SME magazine and the other two, Capital Asia and HR Asia. I'm in a position that ask for more media advertising in our magazines. I love my job.
Siew Hon was admitted to Pantai Hospital yesterday, she got her inflamed appendix removed, which is called laparotomy. She's all fine now, just look abit tired.
I'm going to watch grey's anatomy now. Nunnite and Happy Halloween! xxx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on
I've posted this on facebook twice and I want to share this again here.
It's a fabulous talk!

I am hired

Right, I am hired! But that is not the job that I initially wanted. I figure out that good (big?) companies always favour experienced workers rather taking a fresh graduate, cuz they don't have to spend the time and expenses to train them (or probably I just want to comfort myself with this reason :P) I'm disappointed, I've put much effort in to the assignment, but I ended up not being hired by marcus evans. I guess what I need now is more working experience.. Neil called me this morning and asked me how things are going on over here. And I told him what happened, he asked me to reconsider SME magazine and they are thrilled to offer me a job (media sales executive) there. although I don't fancy a sale's job, but still I can expand my network from there..
I've been moodless for these few days, not knowing how the future lead me.. I guess it's normal? Everyone has to go through this at some point of their life.
I've come across this article in Star Newspaper and I think the words are cunningly twisted.
'When the going gets tough, the tough get going'
'If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail'
'the right start is when you start right'
'Do you see the seed in the apple, or the apple in the seed?'
Instead of saying 'GOD, I have a BIG problem',
we have 'Hey problem, I have a BIG GOD'
have a good laugh :)
Good luck with my first day of work tomorrow xxx

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marcus Evan's Conference Project

Alright, it's another boring topic I guess, not so much entertainment on weekends..
Well, I'm working on an assignment that had given by a conference producer, they are hiring conference producer and I took a great interest in it. I was quite baffled at first, having to find all information which is not related to anything i've learnt in my three years degree. But this morning when i got up, I became all enthusiastic and thinking that I could gain so much more knowledge compare to other professions, I could be an engineer this week, fashion designer next and business entrepreneur the week after. All because I have to do so much research on conference topics. I have to basically read and read and read the articles and shortlist the speakers...
having said so, the topic that i'm dealing with is 'supply chain management', it's an interesting one :) now i'm an expert in SCM :P Supply chain management is basically a bigger picture of logistics, it's a system that start with procurement (raw materials) and end with customers.
We are now looking at SCM versus SCM, stores versus stores and brands versus brands are outdated, sistem barter is their ancestor.
I'll finish the rest tomorrow before sending them in.. I love Malaysia, good night.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Embarking on another stage of life

Can't believe that I haven't been updated my blog since a year plus ago. Third year is a crazy year! And now, I've finished my three years degree and looking for a job in my home country :)
Malaysia is still the best, I miss the smell before the rain pours, I miss the traffic, I even miss the unpleasant sweat smell.
Alright, Interviews next!
I went for training in this Indonesian company (Jalatama management sendirian berhad) for three days and went as a real remisier on the fourth day (cuz they hired me on the third day). On the fifth day, I changed my mind and decided not to become one. And now, I am unemployed again! What next? I have had three interviews since then, SME magazine (Media Sales executive), Marcus Evans (Conference producer), Asian Media Monitors (translator). I'd say I like all three of them and I'm in a dilemma of choosing any. AMM is out of the picture now cuz of the odd working hours (11pm till 8am). I'm focusing on Marcus Evans until Neil from SME called me up. Well, they provide me quite a good pay and attractive incentives.. but I think I could learn more in ME, and because of the company's influencing status globally, I can start my networking from there. And now, I'm working on an assignment given by the manager from ME, they would like to check our English competency by giving us this task, I'll do my best to nail this down! xx

Monday, December 28, 2009